November 29, 2008

Danish Please

Every now and then it's worth looking around at what other people are doing and seeing if there's something fundamentally different you're missing out on. This chap has got a great recipe working for him, and a great camera...

I like Canon cameras, but have due respect for other brands. I do seem to run into a lot of photographers whose work I really like and also shoot with a Canon. Is it coincidence? I also ran a few trips in China recently and had one group entirely carrying Nikon, the other entirely carrying Canon. Guess which group was wrangly and tough work, and which group was fun and open to new ideas.

Anyway, Back to the photographer Flemming Bo Jensen. I've been to Copenhagen and I know how hard it is to shoot well. It has loads of inspiration but demands even greater persperation. Flemming's work is revealing, evocative and makes you want to be there.

That's what photography is all about.

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