January 30, 2011

Peaceful Places

Peaceful places where people are few but naturally pleasant.
Crowds only happen when Monks gather in the mornings.
Fast food is when sticky rice is ready to leave the steamer.
A land where elephants still wander the forests.
How do such large creatures disappear from sight?

I can get lost inside a Tokyo train too. Anyone can.
Trains flow like rivers but lack their grace.
The river cares for its people like a grandmother.
Mostly gentle and wise, sometimes crazy. Always flowing.
A place of places is where I want to be.

Maybe more than one. Life is too short to watch it all on the internet.
Mountain tops are clean and pure, their people hardy and remarkable.
Tropical islands are rare jewells that shine in the ocean.
Jungles are rich in creatures of kind and carnivorous nature.
Deserts are a temporary wilderness for travellers only.

Time pauses when you fly, the world is truly small.
Time races before you fly, the world is truly narrow.
Time jumps while you sleep, re-emerging where you least expect it.
Time flows when you've arrived, flowing away from you like youth.
Time stays with you when you are present, when you're in that peaceful place.