August 07, 2007

Kev's Back

I've been a little worried about Kevin Rudd lately. He's been somewhat absent from the pre-election-campaign campaign. But it looks like the Labor Party has been quietly preparing themselves for the main event.

It has to be said that John Howard's effort to make himself and his government seem relevant of late have not done the job. The dirty tricks and grand stunts are reflecting poorly on a desperate party which seems to crave power like Gollum and his ring. "Vote for me my precious!"

The Liberal party seems to under-estimate the ability of Australians to spot a phoney. We're not an intellectual electorate, but we're not a pack of morons either. After all the show-boating and interventions, the name calling and blame-pushing the latest polls reveal the government is still sliding backwards.

That bodes well for Kevin. Labor hasn't landed many direct hits of late, but they haven't had to. Everytime "Honest John" appears on TV he does a good job of convincing the voters to "go left". Every ten million dollars the government spends on propaganda commercials for their IR laws is another reminder of why you shouldn't trust them.

So Kev, I'm looking forward to the real battle and finding out just who really has got some ticker.

August 01, 2007

Grab-Hands Howard

Arrogance runs rife in Tasmania today as John Howard flies into Launceston to intervene, interrupt and ingratiate.

The sudden allocation of $45million to negate the planned downgrading of a regional hospital came as a surprise to most people. Not the least of which is the state government who had their hand out for Canberra's crumbs, but told they need to be held more accountable.

So who accounts for the $45million now?

And will the government continue to find wads of cash to prop up an ICU unit that exceeds the needs of the community? I guess that's a post-election matter, after all the government is offering cash, not promises.

Little Johnny seems to have big hands of late.

He and our army has reached out to grab children in the Northern Territory, regardless of the more subtle community building work that has been underway for decades. Perhaps Johnny really does believe you can solve social problems with army intervention - after all that worked in Iraq right?

No it didn't work in Iraq. So the west sent more troops into Iraq. Still it doesn't work, just seems to have increased the rate of death of civilians and military personnel. But wait, it worked in Afghanistan right?

No it didn't work in Afghanistan either.

The rule of law continues to evade many parts of that country, while violence and death is still a way of life in the cities and illicit drugs still make their way out of the country. Doesn't sound like the army has got it sorted their either does it?

I want to know why John Howard thinks he alone can solve the social and health problems of regional areas, in disregard for expert and local authorities? And if he really does think he has the better answer, then why was it not the answer for the last 10 years, only now?

The fact is he doesn't. This is a government that will say and do anything to hold onto power. The desperation is palpable, they are drowning in lies.

I was reminded today that Howard's fans are not ignorant of his lies. Everyone knows he is a liar, but his supporters brush this off as a minor character flaw. They tell me, "All the politicians are liars". Iraq, NT and Tasmania remind us all of what happens when you catch someone out with lies but don't punish them for it.

The lies get bigger, and the hands get grabbier.

Isn't it time we demanded better of our politicians, all of them? They earn a lot of money, they enjoy privilege and power, and yet they squabble and bicker like kindergarten children instead of acting as "honourable" members.

Big hands, small brains.