February 17, 2009

Skinny Facts

Someone told me that Australian's are now officially fatter than Americans. Good golly, that's pretty fat.

At least that's what I first thought. However, my recollection of super-sized entrance gates at Disney Land tell me something different. Maybe the average Aussie is less inclined to be fit and fab, but they're neither likely to be blobs of flab.

There is another explanation. Maybe the new figures don't so much reveal that Aussies are much fatter than we used to be, perhaps there's been a dramatic increase in Anorexia and other eating disorders in America?

Think about it. Aussie girls aren't as obsessed with being match stick skinny, and tend to avoid the mega chubby syndrome that keeps Ford F-100 trucks in high demand. Big girls in big cars?

Of course Australians are working more hours a week than ever before. Less time for family, fitness and fun. If we all cut back to a 3 day working week just think how much healthier we'd all be.