August 07, 2007

Kev's Back

I've been a little worried about Kevin Rudd lately. He's been somewhat absent from the pre-election-campaign campaign. But it looks like the Labor Party has been quietly preparing themselves for the main event.

It has to be said that John Howard's effort to make himself and his government seem relevant of late have not done the job. The dirty tricks and grand stunts are reflecting poorly on a desperate party which seems to crave power like Gollum and his ring. "Vote for me my precious!"

The Liberal party seems to under-estimate the ability of Australians to spot a phoney. We're not an intellectual electorate, but we're not a pack of morons either. After all the show-boating and interventions, the name calling and blame-pushing the latest polls reveal the government is still sliding backwards.

That bodes well for Kevin. Labor hasn't landed many direct hits of late, but they haven't had to. Everytime "Honest John" appears on TV he does a good job of convincing the voters to "go left". Every ten million dollars the government spends on propaganda commercials for their IR laws is another reminder of why you shouldn't trust them.

So Kev, I'm looking forward to the real battle and finding out just who really has got some ticker.

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