June 02, 2008

Moce Nukubati

How to visit Fiji and avoid most of Fiji. Lovely...

Day 1
Landed in Nadi. Smiley old man drove us to hotel. Will be a nice hotel when finished.

Day 2
Smiley old man drove us to airport. Caught little plane to Labassa. Airport is the size of a postage stamp. Picked up by 4WD and drove for an hour. Sugar cane everywhere. Arrived at jetty in the mangroves. Boat to Nukubati Island takes under eight minutes. Every one of the hotel staff were on hand to sing and welcome us. Got lays.

Took catamaran for a sail. Lazy lunch. Slept. Victoria had a massage and returned smelling like a lamington. Sunset on the beach then champagne and canapes. Mosquitos joined us. Dinner brought sundried tomato tapenade, prawn salad and pan fried lobster tails.

Grilled fish and pineapple for breakfast. Walk to top of island, watch out for frogs and medicinal plants. Took catamaran for a sail and nearly killed us both. Seafood lunch, lemongrass tea and snooze in the hammock. Snorkelling around the mangroves. Sunset champagne. Dining on kokoda, crab and crepes.

Day 4
Late breakfast. Visit to pearl farm. Lunch, sleep, kayak and more sleep. Champagne, kava, music, seafood dinner.

Day 5
Early boat ride to the Great Sea Reef. Snorkeling far out to sea, just the two of us. Literally not another boat for 20kms in any direction. Back to Nukubati for lunch. Took catamaran for one more spin, broke the main block. Late arvo took a boat ride to the sand bank. The tide was still falling but we sat with Bolonger and canape and watched the sunset. Kava and dancing before dinner, then packed our bags.

Day 6
Reality sucks. Plane load of screaming children all the way back to Sydney. Shoot me.

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