June 21, 2005

Be You

Buddhists, Steve Jobs and travel photographers all have something in common.

I'm not very gregarious. There's a good reason I hide behind the camera instead of posing about in front of one. And it's not a 'problem' that needs to be dealth with, it's not a little thing I need overcome, and it's not something that might be treatable with anti-depressants. I like being this way, and it's nice to like being yourself. Very nice.

I was reminded today about a few people who probably are not being themselves. They are folks who have a reputation for being earnest and fair. Or at least they did have. They have gotten caught up in their own hype and seem to be living out a facade. It's a little sad for the people in question, but a lot sad for those around them. Anyone who is prepared to deceive themselves is certainly prepared to deceive others.

A recent washington post article refered to a chance presentation by Steve Jobs and the human side that emerged from the chat. The tale of Steve Jobs and his personal fluctuations is an interesting one, but it arrives back at a familiar point - be true to yourself. By virtue of Steve's experience these words really mean something. Not so for everyone however.

Most of us would leap forward to proclaim how correct and honest we are - and most of us would be lying. Every now and then we get a reminder of the lies we live with. They come back to haunt us until put to rest with a reality check and some humble self-appreciation. This is what makes buddhism so powerful for me... at it's very core is the belief that you should avoid all forms of lying or deception and always be a source of truth to yourself and others.

Easier said than done i can assure you. But a wonderful place to aspire to.

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