January 05, 2005

Rich and poor

how do you make a living out of doing something that lots of other people can do.

does it matter whether you are very good at it or not?

making a living is not about quality of work, just business accumen.

is that fair? is that the best society we can build? what happened to the idea of egalitarian worlds, of banishing poverty, of equality among men? when did 'more and more' become a life philosophy?

we cannot simply sit back and accept that the gap between rich and poor gets wider. at a time of record national prosperity why is it we are degrading the standards in our schools and hopsitals?

why is it so hard for people to understand that 'the drug problem' and crime is merely a reflection of the extent to which people are isolated from wealth and opportunity in our society?

imagine a world where you are born into a different economic strata than the one you have now. imagine if you were born into the lowest strata, the lowest economic and social opportunities. now ask yourself, wouldnt you want the world to be a fairer place than it currently is?

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